Tattered Pieces

When you feel as if the tattered pieces of your heart are fluttered, stuck and thrown apart from the ones you’ve spent the last of your emotional blood on.

Why are all the pieces of our hearts not whole? 
As in, how did he carry parts of my heart? As we shared intimate moments and given each other our hearts and minds and emotions, how can we get that back? 

After all the tears and pieces.. The rips and burns.. How can we piece it back together? 
Tattered pieces of my heart.
Oh where can I get healing? 
Where can I be whole again? 
Why bother opening up to be one with someone who’s gonna pull it apart painfully again?
It’s not worth the cost, 
It’s not worth the pain. 

Oh the tattered pieces of my heart are blackened, shriveled, burnt, dry. 
Tattering away at the movements of the wind. Life, taking its course on me. 
Little bits and residue flying away.
Burning dark blackness in my soul. 

Rotten black.
How can this live again?
How can this hope again?


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